Sunday, April 29, 2012

Better photo of "Wicked Games"

(Photo by Robert Agriopoulos.)
This painting has been entered on Artist Wanted: Art Takes Time Square Please vote for “Wicked Games” to help Rubbishriot Productions win $10,000 and a place in a commemorative artist book. The process is simple 1. paste this site onto your browser or click on the link:–F1cLM.facebook–F1cLM.facebook 2. Click on the star that says Collect me 3. Sign up with you fb account or sign up in general 4. Log in with fb or on your account 5. (Optional) Share “Wicked Games”

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Wicked Games" Oil on Canvass 5 ft x 4 ft is on view at The Carrack Modern Art in 111 Parrish St. Durham for the Spring Art walk. Check it out! Special thanks to the Krazy Fish group and Andrew Jones for the frame.

Thursday, April 12, 2012



QUESTION: What is Aviary Realty About?

ARTIST: AVIARY REALTY is a continuation of our narrative from Homage to Wood. Naturally, when birds rescue our nymph from despair, we provide homes and care for our surviving avian friends. The idea behind Aviary Realty is to conceptualize and dream of an aviary townhouse, an avairy farm, an aviary district or an aviary city in digital form. To inspire a grownup, alternative version of playing with dollhouses. Rubbishriot Productions, in partnership with a Rubbishriot approved artisan can turn this particular nesting dream into reality.

ARTISAN: WTF ! I don't wanna build birdhouses!

ARTIST: He actually doesn't mean that. What he means is that considering his abilities, craftmanship and experience working with airplanes, boats, classic automobiles, architectural restoration, making birdhouses is a tad bit out of the ordinary.

ARTISAN: Yeah, like what she says. Just order your birdhouse from China!

ARTIST: He makes a rather excellent point. Most of the birdhouses are manufactured in China, which counteracts the generous act of providing housing to our avian friends when we recall the environmental and human rights abuse factor. We use materials that have come from the remains of century old houses and each Avian dream house have moss growing, random century old detail that makes the product truly unique. We will gladly translate your Avian dreams into reality as a collector's item.

ARTISAN TO THE ARTIST: Tell them it's expensive.

ARTIST: (Rolls her eyes)

(excerpts from the interview is circulated in the local art collective magazines)