Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fresh from Rubbishriot's atelier, oil on canvass 8"x12". Silent auction is now open bid starts at $125. (Think Gift). Email me privately at or contact me here via FB to make an offer. Please feel free to share. Thank you.

This is dedicated to Haley. The first baby of my childhood friend, Hannah. Haley, who is premature, is currently growing in an incubator in the Philippines. This painting is at auction, with the starting bid of $125. All proceeds, minus the cost of S&H, contribute towards the baby fund, to help defray the hospital cost.

Monday, February 6, 2012

sketch of family life in the PI (part 1)

Life in the Philippines, you'll find that the women are very modest. Even when going swimming they wear shirt and shorts. Generally, women no matter how poor, average 6- 12 children and the family life remains idyllic with the older siblings taking care of the younger ones.

The religious element of my life is given from birth, being a preacher's daughter.
The struggle between Catholics and Protestants that has ravaged Europe for hundreds
of years is still going on politically and theologically in the Philippines which is 97% Roman Catholic. The church also made a stance worldwide preventing easy accessibility to the tools for family planning, increasing the risk of death from sexual promiscuity and sex labor.

I've made a satirical film about sexuality and religion in my film The Barely Private Show (TBPS), but because I'm waiting for the right moment to release the film publicly,
I've opted to give you a glimpse of the ideas behind TBPS through hand sketches instead.

My father, warned that my naked drawings would be unwelcome to the Filipino population, that naked religious figures are offensive. I reminded him that Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci all draw from religious and classical texts and draw naked images. The classical form they employed portrays fat and voluptuous women devoid of sexuality, but the form I used attempts to reflect a muted version of the hyper-sexual mode of today's society