Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Andy Warhol's Birthday Bash

I arrived fashionably late to the celebration of Andy Wharhol's Birthday in the Gershwin Hotel, Tuesday night Aug 2.
Assuming that many people are going to play dress up, I wore a cowboy hat, white shirt and jeans.

So who is Andy Warhol?
Well, if you don't know look him up.
Remnants of the artists from The Factory were there last night, still as lively as ever.
There were several performers, paying homage to Andy--
and the 80s glam fashionistas were out in full force.
So I realized the cowboy hat was a possible fashion faux pas, but I was determined
to last the night with it on.

Several famous, infamous characters were there, survivors of the experimental drug and sexual revolution days.
A couple of bizarre musical numbers were played, and one really drunken woman who kept trying to perform. Each time she manages to get the microphone, Neke Carson would get the dj to play on top of her performance or turn the mic off. I was having a good laugh just watching this scene.

I mingled amongst the crowd and met The Duchess of Vinyl, who wore a superheroine vinyl outfit. She invited me to a fetish party after showing me a performer's trick with the cowboy hat.

Later on, I met some other artists veterans and got elbowed in the face by the drunken wanna-be performer. I was tempted to lash back, because the spirit of intoxication and wildness was contagious--but I decided to back down at the last minute.
Good thing, as I found out later on that the drunken woman was Ivy Nicholson, former Wharhol superstar.

The birthday song was sung and I had some cake.

The night ended quite young, and the younger crowd quite displeased complaining about old people tiring out early.
The next day, a friend mentioned that I dressed up as Randy Jones the Cowboy from The Village People.